The greatest of all discoveries is the discovery of self.

Peter Okolie

There’s a story of an eaglet separated from its mother at a very tender age. It was raised by a poultry farmer who cared for the eaglet the same way he did his chickens. The eaglet grew with the chickens, perking away on feeds just like the other chickens. They were its family.

Once in a while, there was a bird that flew over the farm. It spread its wings and glided majestically through the skies. The chickens would run for cover fearing what the majestic bird in the sky would do to them. The eaglet, now grown into an eagle, would also run for cover because that was what it had learned.

One day, the farmer moved some items from inside the house, one of the items was a big standing mirror. The eagle walked curiously towards the mirror and for the first time in its life, the eagle saw itself. It looked like the bird that glided majestically in the sky. Sure enough, the eagle became scared and excited at the same time. It ran hurriedly to tell the chickens what it had just seen and in its excitement, it spread its wings and, without much effort, was gliding in the sky.


Hopefully, you got the message of the story, so, let’s take a quick look at these 4 simple steps that are guaranteed to help you attain self-mastery or simply put, self-control.

  1. Find yourself

The Greek philosopher, Socrates, gave an epic charge, “Man know thyself”. In order to attain self-mastering, we must be clear about who we are. People may misunderstand you but you can’t afford to be confused about your identity. Get to the point where, when somebody tells you about yourself it sounds like a joke because nobody can know you better than yourself.  I highly recommend the book, ‘Why you act the way you do’ by Tim Lahaye.

  1. Embrace your weakness

All humans come with an imperfection/ weakness. This weakness serves a purpose, and unless we admit them and ’embrace’ them, we won’t get the required ‘upgrade’. Imagine the operating system on your computer, your phone apps or perhaps your WordPress website. Without regular updates, it would not function properly and be prone to hacks and attacks. However, if we provide regular updates the devices perform better. In the same manner, I believe that the Almighty placed weaknesses in us so we keep coming back to him. And by taking our weaknesses to God, we aren’t changed but updated to a better version of ourselves.

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