1. Acquire the necessary  skills

I recommend you read the epic book ‘Talent is never enough’ by John C Maxwell.  It’s not enough to have ‘natural abilities’ we must acquire the necessary skills. Regardless of what we want to achieve, there is a  skill that would stand you out. There is a skill for everything. Find out the skills required to be outstanding in what you want to do, and acquire it.

  1. Win Daily

Our default setting is to want immediate gratification that’s why self-discipline is required. However, we need to allow ourselves to enjoy small wins daily. Our brain doesn’t know the difference between small or big success, it knows ‘progress’. So you want to climb Mount Everest one day, celebrate climbing Olumo rock today. You want to speak before a large crowd someday, start with the people in your backyard. Ensure you set goals and record wins daily.


In conclusion, here is a recap of all we have said. The journey to self-mastery is a very important one and it begins with you clearly identifying who you are, then you embrace your imperfections/weaknesses and take it to the Lord. Acquire the necessary skills needed for you to excel, talent is not enough. After which, you need to set a long-term goal but break it down to smaller goals that allow you to enjoy small wins daily.

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